Peter Walsh

Here are the links to Peter Walsh’s “31 Days to Get Organized” online challenge.  These are 10-minute challenges he has put together to get you on track to having an organized life!

Link to Peter Walsh’s facebook page here.

ORGANIZING TIPS AND IDEAS Since the #31Days2GetOrganized challenge ended I have been inundated with requests for more tips and ideas. Grab a copy of “It’s All Too Much” from your local bookseller or library or for something more interactive and immediate, you can purchase a copy of the DVD version of “It’s All Too Much” from my website. I hope that helps …..and there are more challenges to come. I promise!

Day 1  Check out this video Day 1 of 31Days2GetOrganized – YouTube

Day 2  Sock It To Me! H-ere’s today’s ten minute challenge. Empty your sock drawer onto your bed. Immediately sort pairs together. Discard any single socks, any socks you no longer wear, any frayed or ‘holey’ socks. Arrange like colors/types together and put them back in drawer. Bid the others farewell!

Day 3 Keep Your Lid On! Today your task is to tackle all those disposable plastic storage containers that you have in cupboards and drawers in your kitchen. Get them all out onto the kitchen counter. Discard any that don’t have matching lids, that the dishwasher has mangled or that are stained. My rule: no more than 15 plastic storage containers! Here’s the deal: with takeout containers, margarine containers and coleslaw containers there’s a constant inflow of these puppies into your home – the trick is to keep them under control. So … take a deep breath, drag them out and take ten minutes to get it done!! Let me know how you do.

Day 4 Check out this video Remote Control – YouTube.

Day 5 Romance & Calm: Grab your partner and head for the master bedroom. Spend ten minutes TOGETHER gathering up and removing anything from the room that doesn’t belong there or doesn’t help create a calm, romantic haven for you both. (If it’s just you in your home you can do this equally well for yourself!) This is about taking care of you and your relationship.

Day 6 Check out this video Throw in the Towel

Day 7 The Unmentionables! Last week it was the sock drawer so don’t tell me you didn’t see this one coming! Your ten minutes today is dedicated to your undies drawer. Get all your underwear onto your bed – discard the old, soiled, ripped, “I’ll-never-wear”, Bombay bloomer or blown-elastic models. Sort the rest and commit today to wearing some of those classier undergarments. Are you with me?

Day 8  Paperwork Part 1 – Today’s ten minute challenge may be the toughest so far but if you do this AND COMMIT to handling your mail like this EVERY day then I promise you’ll tame the incoming paperwork. Are you in? Check out this video Paperwork Part 1

Day 9 Paperwork Part 2: Here’s a way to start afresh in 2013 with a clear desk and a simple way to manage paperwork – but it demands you commit to a SYSTEM and a ROUTINE. Take a deep breath, check out the video and let me know if this serious challenge will work for you. Check out this video Paperwork Part 2

NOBODY SAID THIS WOULD BE EASY! Congratulations everyone on your enthusiasm for #31Days2GetOrganized! Anyone can spend ten minutes a day on this! That’s all I’m asking. You own your stuff, it doesn’t own you and I believe that together we can make your homes more organized. Let’s hear some renewed resolve to hang in there – you and your homes are worth it!

Day 10  Platters, Muffin Tins, Baking Trays: Back to the kitchen today and ten minutes collecting any platter, tray, muffin pan or baking sheet. Get rid of damaged, chipped, rusted, warped or never-used items and open up some space for these larger items in your cupboards. Be tough and brutal – say goodbye to anything you no longer need, use or want!

Day 11 Revisit the linen closet: Today’s the day to tackle all of the bed linen and other items that are lurking in your linen closet. If you tackled these last week when we did towels then let me know how you’re spending your ten organizing minutes today. I’d love to hear of any surprises you uncover in your linen closet!!

Day 12 Go Nuts in Your Closet: Don’t think too much about this challenge just watch the video and go IMMEDIATELY to your closet and start at one end working in a focused and uninterrupted way through what’s there. You’ll be amazed what you can do in ten minutes (or more)! Ready. Set. GO!! Check out this video

Day 13 Spice it up! Today’s the day to alphabetize your spices. A quick and simple challenge that you can definitely nail. And while you’re at it, be sure to get rid of anything that’s been in there longer than two years, or that’s been with you for the last three house moves!! Let me know the oddest thing you uncovered!

Day 14 Tackle the T’s: Everyone has more T shirts than they need and today’s the day to tame them! First, look at the piles of folded T’s in your closet – chances are that the bottom third of the piles are shirts that you don’t like that much and seldom wear. Let them go! Put like colors together, fold them all uniformly and be sure only to hold onto the T’s that you love! How many did you let go – number please!

Day 15 The Half Way Point!: Organization isn’t about ‘the stuff’, it’s about creating the home and the life you want. It’s about happiness for you and your family. Today’s challenge is a little different. Check out the video and let me know how you’re going to spend your ten minutes!

Day 16 That Mysterious Top Shelf in That Mysterious Closet: It’s your choice today. Pick any closet in your home and tackle the uppermost shelf.  Report back any surprises!  Check out this video.

Day 17 Diving for Condiments: Today it’s all about those condiments hiding in the dark recesses of your refrigerator. Check out the video then dive right in. I’d love to hear the oldest ‘Use-by’ date you encounter!

Day 18 Under the Kitchen Sink: This is one of the toughest but most rewarding challenges. Drag everything out from under the kitchen sink. Discard any old, never-used, damaged or not-wanted items. Gather like things together. Consider using a plastic tote for cleaning products and a spare baking tray or similar for keeping other items together and off the floor. Consider hanging a tension rod for squirt bottle storage too. Show that space who’s boss!

HAPPY (LONG) WEEKEND EVERYONE! I have a feeling that a lot of you are going to freak out at tomorrow’s challenge but I want you all to put on your big girl (or big boy) pants tomorrow morning and come out confident and ready for the challenge! Thanks everyone for being so enthusiastic and motivated with the #31Days2GetOrganized challenges. You rock!

Day 19 A Huge Challenge: Today we’re tackling magazines …. one of the most common hurdles I encounter in decluttering homes. I know this will be tough for many but it has to be done. Watch the video. Forget all your excuses. Go magazine hunting! Check out this video.

Day 20 Flat surfaces: Small or large, flat surfaces seem to attract clutter! Today I want you to choose just one flat surface in your home, spend ten minutes getting it in order, and then COMMIT to keeping that space clear and uncluttered. Check out the video, choose a surface and get to it. Let me know what space you’re working on!

Day 21 Conquering Your Kids’ Toys: You all knew this was coming! Watch the video. Remember to focus ONLY on those toys that are no longer age appropriate for your kids. Don’t think too much. Conquer this challenge!! For those without kids or toys, watch the video …. there’s a challenge in there for you too!

Day 22 Take Your Medicine: Today I want you to tackle your medicine cabinet. Pull everything out. Wipe down the shelves. Group like things together. Collect out-of-date medications together for return to your pharmacy (don’t flush or put them in the trash!) Use plastic containers to keep like items together. Already done? Use your ten minutes elsewhere ….. no day off today!

Peter Walsh on the Rachael Ray Show Organizing tips from the expert:

  • Check out this video for 4 tips on organizing accessories in your closet!
  • Check out this video on the behind the scenes organization in Peter’s own home!
  • Peter re-organizes Rachael’s kitchen, watch the video!

Day 23 Pot, Pans and Small Appliances: We’re back in the kitchen today de-cluttering pots, pans and small appliances. Be tough…open space in the kitchen will make the room more inviting and motivating. Watch the video. Tackle the challenge. Let’s hear what you let go of!!

Day 24 Tackle Your Car: So far all of the challenges have been inside your home. Today it’s your motor vehicle. No car? Create another ten-minute challenge that works for you. Watch the video and let’s do this!!

Want to hear Peter Walsh LIVE on the Radio “GetRealLive with Susan and Scott” click here to listen!

Day 25 Kitchen Utensils: Today’s the day to thin the herd of kitchen utensils. Watch the video, gather all your utensils onto the kitchen counter and bravely conquer this challenge. Let me know the degree of difficulty!

Day 26 Today It’s About Your Shoes: I’m hoping that wholesale panic doesn’t set in today! Remember – we’re only spending ten minutes on this challenge so I don’t want you to be overwhelmed. Watch the video. Set the timer to ten minutes and dive right in. Let’s hear how you did on this difficult one.

DEALING WITH (MY) MEMORY CLUTTER: I just de-cluttered some of my own memory clutter ….. I have multiple copies of every episode of ‘Clean Sweep’ ready to go to the recycling. I have copies on DVD and don’t even own a VHS player anymore, so why am I holding onto them? I know memory clutter is tough to let go of but the cleared space and feeling of relief is worth it!

Day 27 How Many Belts Do You Own?: It’s time to tighten your belt(s) by seeing how many you own and letting go of those you no longer need, use or want. Check out the video. Gather all your belts into one place. Make some belt magic happen!

Day 28 Digging Into Your Kids’ Closets: Today’s challenge is for you to spend ten minutes going through your kids’ closets to find any clothes that no longer fit them or that they just don’t wear. Grab as many as you can in ten minutes, throw them into a trash bag and take them to Goodwill as soon as you can. No kids? Check under every bed in the house – get rid of what doesn’t belong!

Day 29 Pens and Pencils: I so wish I was a fly on the wall in your home to watch you tackling this fun challenge. Check out the video. Grab a box. Hunt down those pens and pencils wherever they live in your home. You know what you have to do!

Day 30 Let’s Look at Your Books: This will be tough …. I know. Don’t be overwhelmed. Watch the video. Set the timer for ten minutes. Do what you can in that time to find any books that you no longer love and want in your home.

Day 31 It’s Over to You: Today’s challenge is the best of all and will make sure that the great momentum of #31Days2GetOrganized doesn’t end today. Check out the video and get to it!!

31DaysToGetOrganized Your Stories: One of the great outcomes of the #31Days2GetOrganized has been the inspiring stories and motivation from all of you who’ve participated. Let’s hear how the challenges have changed you, your home or your family. What effect has #31Days2GetOrganized had on your life. Please share your experiences here to inspire and motivate others. Check out this video.

ORGANIZING TIPS AND IDEAS Since the #31Days2GetOrganized challenge ended I have been inundated with requests for more tips and ideas. Grab a copy of “It’s All Too Much” from your local bookseller or library or for something more interactive and immediate, you can purchase a copy of the DVD version of “It’s All Too Much” from my website. I hope that helps …..and there are more challenges to come. I promise!

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  1. devra says:

    thanks so much for consolidating all the days … i’m WAY behind! but i’m going to do it!

  2. hlogancosmo says:

    No problem! Good luck!

  3. donna says:

    it was a great challenge…i just repined onto my board… your site……

  4. donna ryan says:

    Hi there. I pinned the Peter Walsh article on my pinterest board. donna ryan I also have a website for 50 plus ladies….it literally is a hobby but something I enjoy doing…I blog and share recipes and things like that. I did not post your article on my website….just on my personal pinterest board. if you get a moment check out the site… on blog to read my latest piece on flip flopping and last week I added a survey…breath mints or gum lol………again…im just beginning….literally my website is a hobby that I am having lots of FUN with….stay well….Donna Ryan…..

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